Swa-Darshana............Unfold Your Child's Potential

"SWA-DARSHANA" is a sincere attempt to give you a holistic analysis and detailed understanding of your innate characteristics. An attempt towards Enlightened…Empowered…Endeavoured…Life


SWA-DARSHANA - DMIA is a comprehensive approach to evaluate innate of an individual by means of scientific synthesis of information received from that person’s biometrics.

A normal human, during his entire life span hardly uses a small fraction of actual capabilities of his mind. It has always been a great mystery for human to become Face to Face with his innate intelligence and capabilities. Uptill now, IQ test has been a popular method for evaluating individual's brain capacity, BUT Multiple Intelligence Test (MIT) is a New Era Test to evaluate Holistic Individual's Innate Characteristics:  


"Swa-Darshana" Report Once in a Lifetime Analysis based on Biometrics:

  •   Will help you to understand your child's innate potentials with the aid of modern scientific technologies.
  •   Will help you to know your child's personality and learning patterns.
  •   Will provide you a comprehensive Multiple Intelligence analysis of your child.
  •   Will give detailed view of your child's capabilities corresponding career-paths for those capabilities.
  •   Will help at different stages of child's life for various decision makings.
  •   Guidance and Suggestions by our panel of Expert Psychiatrists, Psychologists.


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