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Formula: CHCL3

CAS: 67-66-3

HS Code: 2903.1300

We bring the premium quality products manufactured by the state-of-the-art technologies. Chloroform is manufactured by Technology of Shin Etsu, Japan since 1986.


  • Colourless & non-flammable volatile liquid. Boiling Point : 61.3oC
  • Miscible with organic solvents and slightly soluble in water with etheric colour

Sr. Characteristic Specifications
1. Colour APHA 10.00 max
2. Sp. Gravity (15oC/4oC)   1.498/1.502  
3. Purity % 99.90 min
4. Methylene Chloride ppm 40.00 max
5. Carbon Tetrachloride ppm 40.00 max
6. 1.1 Dichloroethane ppm 80.00 max
7. CIS 1-2 Dichloroethane ppm 130.00 max
8. Moisture ppm 100.00 max
9. Free Chlorine ppm 1.00 max
10. Acidity ppm 1.00 max

Caution : Threshold limit 10 ppm as per ACGIH norms


  • Fluorocarbon Refrigerants and Resins
  • Fire fighting Agent
  • Solvent in Dye and Perfume manufacturing
  • Extractant for Penicillin, Essential Oils, and Alkaloids, Nicotine, etc.
  • Soil Fumigants, Mildew Preventives
  • Pharmaceutical preparations

  • We guarantees minimum 99.9% pure Chloroform of international quality which is stable upto 120oC with common construction metals in presence of light and water.
  • QCD is equipped with most modern instruments to analyze special test on request.

  • Zinc Coated GI Barrels each of 250 kg net weight for Export
  • Epoxy Coated MS Barrels each of 280 kg net weight for Export