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Bentonite API 13A Section 9

Formula: Al2O3.4(SiO2).H2O

CAS: 1302-78-9

HS Code: 25081001

  • BENTONITE API 13A is a pure Sodium based Bentonite. It is processed from selected ore with high montmorollinite content.


  • BENTONITE API 13A contains more than 85% smeclite, the active clay content as determined by colloid and x-ray diffraction.


  • BENTONITE API 13A is used as a viscosifier and fluid loss reducing agent. It is most effective in fresh water. Prehydrated BENTONITE API 13A can be used in brakish and salt water. 


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Bentonite API 13A Section 9

Typical performance of BENTONITE API 13A when tested as per API 13A section 4 is as follows:

Properties Specifications
Viscometer Dial reading at 600rpm 32-40
Yield point/plastic viscosity ratio 2-3
Failtrate volumer (in cc) 13.5-15.0
Moisture % 9.5-10.0%
Residue greater than 75 micron (200 mesh) wer analysis 1.0-3.0%





BENTONITE API 13A does not contain any fermentable product and is environmentally acceptable.

25 kgs HDPE bags
50 kgs HDPE bags
1000 kgs Jumbo bags